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Modest suggestion of a solution to mankind’s most urgent problem

Mankind is looking for an answer to this great question of our time:
How many kinds of toilets must there be at public places?
Traditionally, only 2 sexes were known, and we had one toilet for each, totalling 2 toilets.
But recent progress in gender research has shown that there are many combinations of sex and gender.
I suggest the following form of stating one’s „toilet status“:
s: 0.8 m, 0.7 f,
gs: 0.1 m, 0.5 f,
gp: 0.3 m, 0.1 f
o: 0.1 m, 1 f.
The numbers describe the current sex, social and psychological gender and sexual orientation, each as a combination of male and female degree.
Addressing the toilets, I suggest to have an infinity of them, arranged in an 8-dimensional hyper-cube.
(As a side effect, the challenge of constructing this building will unite all of mankind’s efforts and lead to world peace.)